Hydraulic Pneumatic Sealing principle


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Hydraulic and pneumatic seals, industrial base, but also the basis of the industrial automation, has been widely used in industry, agriculture, aerospace, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining and other industries, plays the role of the power source to the system is indispensable core component.

The performance of hydraulic and pneumatic components directly reflect the level of standards of industrial and automation, hydraulic and pneumatic components and wearing parts, its life a direct impact on the advanced nature of the automation and industrial machinery, stability, long-term. Its machining accuracy, reasonable structure, material properties, processing methods have a direct relationship.

The sealing principle: hydraulic and pneumatic sealing its working principle is divided into extruded seals and lip seal. Extruded seals rely on filling in the trench of the compression deformation of blocking the leak paths, access to the sealing effect. The lip seal is to rely on the pre-filled trench compression elastic deformation of the leakage channel blocking further snapping mouth, lips, and in the medium pressure coupling, enhanced blocking sealing effect.



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