The correct usage of the O-ring


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The correct usage of the O-ring

What is an O-ring

O-ring is installed in a trench, a moderate compression of the cross section for the O-shaped (circular) ring. Can be used as the seal of the oil, water, air, gas, and a variety of fluids. Use two types of static and movement.

2. The correct usage of the O-ring

2-1 cross-sectional diameter of selected

Stability of the sealing O-ring can be obtained in the case of a certain compression ratio, the cross-sectional diameter of permanent deformation is small, use a large cross-sectional diameter. Especially as the dynamic seal is used, large diameter to prevent twisting effect.

2-2 at high

O-ring is a function of the compressive stress. In addition, by sealing the fluid pressure and play the effect of the security seal. Therefore consider the limit of the pressure from the principle. Actual use of the O-ring at the inevitably produce a sealing medium fluid pressure to keep the O-ring squeeze will not bite into the function.

Therefore, the actual O-ring pressure is the mechanical strength of the material (as a representative value is: the relationship of the hardness) and the gap.

Retaining ring in the O-ring on both sides at the same time under pressure from two directions, install the retaining ring. Install a retaining ring in the opposite direction of the pressure side of the pressure from one direction. The retaining ring shape of the ring type, oblique incision spiral three kinds. See from the results, ring-like the best. From the ease of installation, while the miter and the convenience of the spiral.

2-3 different land uses

The ① cylindrical static seal

Chui Chi immediately in accordance with the JIS standard O-ring and groove dimension, due to a combination of the size tolerance may occur bite into groove inside diameter parts, installation, do not bite into the O-ring.

② plane static seal

Plane static seal can be divided to withstand the internal pressure of the occasion and occasion two types of external pressure. Internal pressure with the occasion, in principle, with the O-ring diameter D, the external pressure with the occasion, in principle, with the O-ring diameter d.

Squeeze the bad rate is usually not installed, can be considered as the pressure bolt elongation and the deformation of the flange than cylindrical static seal. On this occasion, because there is no attachment with the wall, sometimes due to pressure changes and wear and tear or fall off, do not use.

In the inner diameter is relatively large (of Φ 150) cross-sectional diameter is relatively small (Φ 3 below), there will be -5 as the O-ring flying out of the clamping and part of the O-ring is a cutting edge, to prevent fly out, you can use a thicker cross-sectional diameter.

In use to withstand the internal pressure of the occasion, D, the relatively small size range (about Φ 30 or less), and sometimes not suitable for installation in D dimensions and preferably slightly larger (about 0.2 to 0 .3 mm) is more convenient.



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