o-ring groove application


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O-ring is mainly used for static seals and reciprocating motion seals. For the seal of the rotary motion is limited to low-speed rotary sealing device. O-ring is usually installed in the seal groove on the outer or inner circle cross-section rectangle. O-ring in the oil, acids, alkalis, grinding, chemical erosion and other environmental still play a good seal, the damping effect of the machine tool, shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace equipment, metallurgical machinery, chemical machinery, engineering machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery , petroleum machinery, plastic machinery, agricultural machinery, as well as various types of instrumentation, using lots of different types of sealing elements. Compared with other sealing elements, O-ring has a wide range of advantages: - suitable for a variety of seal in the form: static seals, dynamic seals for various uses materials, dimensions and grooves have been standardized, interchangeable strong - for a variety of exercise: the rotary motion of the axial reciprocating movement or a combination of movement (for example, rotating back and forth combined motion) - suitable for a wide range of sealing medium: oil, water, gas, chemical media or mixed media by appropriate choice of rubber material and appropriate formulation design, seal oil, water, air, gas and various chemical media. Wide temperature range (- 60 ~ + 220 ), fixed using pressure up 1500Kg/cm2 (with reinforcing ring and use). - Design a simple O-ring cross-section structure is extremely simple, and self-sealing effect, reliable sealing performance. - Easy to install O-ring and install parts of the structure is extremely simple, and has formed a standardized, so are very easy to install replacement. - Low cost - material varieties can be selected depending on the fluid: nitrile rubber (NRB), fluorine rubber (FKM), silicone rubber (VMQ), ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM), chloroprene rubber (CR) butyl rubber (BU), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), natural rubber (NR)




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