Rubber seals definitions and product categories


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The rubber seals are a common infrastructure components, seals, leaks and seal this contradiction plays a very important role. Leakage and sealing problems to solve in the process of the human conquest of nature. Has been promoting technological progress, to prevent and important way to reduce environmental pollution. Rubber seals, rubber products, widely used in sealing technology. Because the rubber has the valuable flexibility of the polymer materials, a wide temperature range, in different media to give a small stress will produce a large deformation, this deformation can provide the contact pressure to compensate for leakage gap and achieve the purpose of sealing . Main products, rubber seals, rubber gaskets, flange gaskets, rubber damping blocks, rubber O-ring, V-rings, X-ring, Y-ring, and other various forms, sizes, colors, hardness and material rubber products, although we have rubber seals start slow, As society progresses, the emergence of a new seal production equipment and technology, the technical requirements of the sealing products more and more demanding, thus further promoting the research and development of new products .

The rubber seal products include: tape, glue row, rubber O-ring, rectangle ring, round plastic beads, diamond-shaped plastic beads, square pad, oil, table mats, double ring, flange, box, square flange , pad, flat O, plastic buckets, continued long box and so on.




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