Special synthetic rubber industry analysis reports: the special rubber now, the future of general purpose rubber!


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The rubber raw materials can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber, synthetic rubber use can be divided into general-purpose and special categories. General synthetic rubber due to lower technical barriers and some of the products global overcapacity, profit margins are gradually compressed. Special synthetic rubber production and consumption of synthetic rubber is not universal, but because of its general purpose synthetic rubber does not have unique properties, has a broad application in many fields and is growing rapidly.
The last eight years, synthetic rubber production in China remains a compound annual growth rate of more than 13%, synthetic rubber and auto industry is closely related to, but there is more demand in the industry of medicine, electricity, environmental protection and weak cycle, so the cyclical nature of synthetic rubber is weak. Special synthetic rubber is a synthetic rubber branch, also belong to the weak cycle industry.
The special rubber industry is the emerging industry of high technical barriers. Development and adoption of a special synthetic rubber instead of natural rubber can reduce over-reliance on China's rubber industry on the international natural rubber market.
Special synthetic rubber industry will be the direct beneficiaries of the auto industry continued development. In addition to the automotive industry, building materials, medicine, coal, electricity, electronics, military, new energy, environmental protection and many other industries there is a growing demand for special synthetic rubber products. 2012 synthetic rubber market size of over 850 billion yuan, the market size of special rubber will be year-on-year rapid growth, is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan.
Based on the development of Chinese automotive industry and other rubber products industry remains positive, we believe that the special synthetic rubber industry will be a weak cycle, high-growth emerging industries, enterprises will benefit from import substitution, product substitution and the growth in demand for multi-promote. We give the industry as a whole "recommended" rating, it is recommended that the concern with the preparation of special synthetic rubber industrialized or preparation device, and is located in an important position in the listed companies in the chain of special synthetic rubber industry.
Considering the sub-sub-attributes of the industry, the company room for growth and relative valuations, we recommended sort of special synthetic rubber industry related listed companies as: Qixiang Tenda, yanggu, China and Thailand, back to the natural rubber industry, Hongda New Material Aifu .



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